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  • 4 October 2018

    The "European Union National Institutes of Culture" (EUNIC) Cluster was opened in Armenia on 2 October 2018. During the event, the official EUNIC Charter was signed by the eight founding members, followed by the signature of Memorandum of Understanding between EUNIC Armenia and the EU Delegation in Armenia.

    EUNIC is a global network of European Union National Cultural Institutes, which includes 36 cultural institutes representing 28 member states in over 100 countries. Being established in 2006, the aim of EUNIC is to join the efforts to share the European best practice in the cultural sector, promote cultural diversity and encourage mutual understanding between cultures.


    In Armenia, EUNIC cluster was established in the summer of 2018 by the following founding members: British Council, Goethe Institute, Yerevan Committee of “Dante Alighieri” Associations, Embassies of France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland and Bulgaria in Armenia. The responsibilities for the 2018-19 Presidency of EUNIC Armenia will be fulfilled by British Council and the vice-presidency will be led by the French Embassy.


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